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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 30, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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bowser's plan is turning heads. what she's telling fox5 a. > plus, new details about the man who drove a car into a crowd of people at ohio state university and began attacking them with a knife. fox5 news at 11 starts right now and we have some equal bring news out of prince george's county tonight. county council mel franklin is in who the water after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. sources tell fox5 representative was involved in an accident shortly after 16789. 30 last tuesday morning on route 4 at dower house road. a search of state judicial records confirmed that he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to avoid speed. he was driving a county car at the time of the crash. we'll have much more on this developing story tomorrow on fox news morning. > thanks for joining us, i'm
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perkins. counts to crack down on the homeless population in the city. he sently denying shelter to families who can't prove they were once d.c. residents. this comes on the heels of the mayor opening the doors to immigrants and declaring the district a sanctuary district. are the doors close for some and open for others? fox5's sarah simmons gets us started. >>reporter: it's a big problem here in the district. where we're standing right now is in campments near the water gait hotel. welcoming immigrants with open arms she wants to be able to turn away some homeless families looking for shelter here in the district. the mayor says immigrants will have to prove residency just like anybody else. whether regardless of their immigration status would have to demonstrate that they're a d.c. resident we will work with the council to determine the best ways to do that.
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rolled in school? do they have utilities? do they have a lease? when it comes to providing shelter for the homeless population, if you show up, and you say you're homeless, we basically have to provide shelter. and when we do that, we may miss the opportunity to put d.c. family at the end of the line because we're serving people from other jurisdiction. a lawyer for the national law center on homeless necessary and poverty make it more difficult for people in d.c. to get the help they need. to require someone prove that they're from a particular area with documentation is a very difficult thing to implement and frankly is not very workable and will function to prevent people from accessing the services that they need. the cities say it is spending $80,000 a night on hotel rooms for people who have nowhere else to say. the mayor says those rooms
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emergencies. in northwest, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > there's major break tonight in the case of a 16 year old girl shot and killed in the district on the day after thanksgiving. the man who police have been searching for sigh eve evans has turned himself in to authorities. earlier today he was identified as a person of interest in skis. detectives say evans was caught on surveillance camera firing a gun when brianna macmillan was killed. the shooting happened the teen was talking to friends outside the potomac gardens apartments when the shots were fired. investigators believed macmillan was not the intended target of the shooting. > investigators tonight are still trying to figure out a motive for yesterday's attack at ohio state university. they searched abdul area tan's home in columbus today and talked with some of his friends and neighbors. 11 people were hurt when he
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pedestrians and then attacked them with a butcher knife. a campus police officer shot and killed him he was not known to counter terrorism authorities before the attack. it is causing campuses nation hood to account for the worst so officers can respond as quickly as possible. tonight the university of maryland launched new technology to keep its campus safer. it's a story you will see only on fox5. lindsay watts is behind the scenes look. minutes in the case of active shooters, minutes cost lives the. getting the call immediately so we can respond immediately. scenes of violence have hit close to home. one of the biggest is the navy yard. i couldn't tell where the guy was until one of the officers got hit. the police chief at university of maryland wants his offers to have every tool possible if
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this week the school will start using gun detective technology used in major cities, including d.c. the average active shooter, start to finish is about 12 minutes. and on average it takes, believe it or not about two minutes to get a 911 call. this curbs that down to about 30 seconds. we can get noticed earlier. we can get on the scene faster. we can safe more lives. > the spotter. the university has installed sensors around campus that would immediately detect gun shots and notify dispatch. the location of where it's happening is the depicted on the map. > this is an example of a map that would go to with an exact location and more. the technology tells you would kind of gun. count the rounds, how many and so forth. > the university already has a
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could be used in conjunction with the shot spotter technology. not only what police know where shots fired, they also have eyes immediately on scene. i think it's great. considering what happened at ohio state recently, there should be precautions taken. students have some idea of the panic that comes with a gunman on campus. just last month there was a report of a man with a gun that turned out to be an rotc member i was in the library at the time and that's a at a lot of schools a target. i got kind of scared. the university is doing a free test of shot spotter for six months. the chief says beyond that it will be about 10 grand a year. the hope is it will never be needed here. it could very well be that we seldom ever have that technology activate, but when we need that technology and we need it8og? to
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us on the scene so we can save lives it's going to be there. lindsay watts, fox5 a local news. > here's a live look outside. we had some rain today, some much needed rain. sue l palka says there may be more rain on the way tomorrow. here she is with with the latest. >> it could be helpful. our big weather headline for to your knowledge it should be a pretty wet day. it will also be a warm and wind situate wednesday for us as same one we've seen moving for the tennessee area. we had a little l rain today, unfortunately it did not amount to much. now we look down to the south and west to watch a new area of low pressure that is going to be sending some of the heavier rain in our direct and it will be here in time for the morning commute. that's heading this way. while we're not expecting severe it is possible we could have a rumble of thunder even as early
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happening overnight. we stay on the mild side. you probably know we're having a lot of issues with fog tonight, visibility very poor in many areas and that may be around until sunshine with these mild conditions overnight as the rain approaches. so after sunshine we think the fog will get a little bit, but it's really looking like this could be a substantial rain for us, one that would put a dent in the moderate drought we've been experiencing h this fall with gaithersburg projected to get over an inch dulles an inch. maybe south of town not quite as much. you may need extra time forth morning commute and maybe even the evening commute. > thank you very much. just incredible images tonight out of tennessee as crews continue to battle l massive wild fires across the eastern part of the take it. official say the hardest hit area of combatten greenberg pigeon force, at least three
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thousands forced to evacuate. we want to he some you videos one of the residents named michael loch and owe barely escaped from a cabin. wow. that's pretty scary. texas governor bill has lem says it's state has seen in 100 years. > if you're planning to phi in the next couple of days why employees at airports nationwide are walking off the job. that's next at 11. the first bucket used in the ice bucket challenge craze is finding its place in american history right here in d.c.
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> this was the scene outside of reagan national airport today. hundreds of airport employees walked off the job demand aing their minimum wage be raised to sean hour. it was just one of several protests at more than airports across the country.
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>>reporter: he fight for 15 hits one of the nation's busiest airports. service workers at owe hair walking off the job. improve workplace safe time we are tired of the way we are being treated at the companies throughout the airport. we have our wages stolen. we get injured on the job. care. > the scene being repeated at 19 other airports across the country. thousands of january torse, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants participating in a 4-hour day of disruption. airport authorities now working with airlines to keep travel delays to a minimum. the strike is not designed to shutdown the airports. hopefully that will not have to happen. that may come at some point, buts that he's not what it was designed to do.
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the powers to be. > others in low wage jobs also staying off the job on tuesday. a huge rally taking place from new york to los angeles calling for the national minimum wage to race what they call a living wage. what we're seeing is economic anxiety and what is disparate and poverty. union others say the walk out here will end tonight, but threatened the next time they strike they will shutdown this airport. o i'm matt fin, fox news. > it started as an internet sensation is now history. the bucket that was part of the first ice bucket challenge that turned into the viral social media campaign to help people als will now be on display at american museum of natural history. the blue bucket was used to dump ice water on gentleman neat sin
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the ice bucket california evening. it helps us do what a lot of other objects in this exhibit do, which is to have us tell the story of the power of the individual in giving. one person doing something is great, but millions of people doing something is even better. > the is bucket challenge raised $150 million in gestate weeks. all of the municipal went towards research, treatment and finding a cure for als. > pretty amazing. all right, sue, it's been a busy today today. we're glad to have something to talk about. while it's been so quiet we've had so little rain and we have not had much rain then. most of it dried up earlier today, but we had fog around. > expecting it tomorrow. >> definitely tomorrow. i don't think we'll get an all-day rain. a big slug in the morning, a few dry hours in the afternoon and
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at the front 5 to 9:00. that's how things are looking at this point. the fog is getting a little bit thicker in the district as we look out toward the washington monument. visibility had been about 8 miles. i think it's dropped to two and a half miles which you can still navigate in, but many miles are seeing visibility down to a quarter mile or less. this fog will get out of here once the havier rain starts tomorrow morning, and that will be closer to sunshine. we have a dense fog advisory. that means you caution for the very poor visibility as you're driving and it can go to almost clear to rile bad in space of just a few blocks here. the district better now at about 6 miles visibility. dulles is one of the worst spots. and many of the other others martinsburg and winchester down to a quarter mile much that's how it's going to go overnight. rain and fog does a number.
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potential. it is a warm and wet question. we're going to have a strong southwest breeze that will help our temperature get into the upper 60s, if not 70-degrees tomorrow. when i always say when you get to 70 in november that means something song is coming. that is an area of low pressure that may produce some thunderstorms for us. the rest of the week will be seasonably chilly with temperatures in the 30 #-s and 40s. wednesday 70-degrees with some rounds of h heaviest in the morning. thunderstorms possible and then everything is out of here by thursday and you can see the difference in the temperature. we go from 70 to 58-degrees after that front goes on by. at the moment we've got the clouds. we have some fog, patchy drizzle. our rain for tomorrow morning is now pushing across kentucky and tennessee and there has been a lot of severe weather associated with this tonight. all of this red is where the areas are under a tornado watch
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where there are tornado warnings. yellow means that is severe drought areas. while the rain will be helpful, wind analyte thing with this system will be a problem for firefighters tonight. meanwhile as we look at the futurecast tornado watch tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., by noon things dry out a little bit,. it won't be as wet in part of the day. it could have some embedded thunderstorm with it and a little bit of wind as that comes through later tomorrow night and it's all cleared out of here by thursday morning. > let's check temperatures because it's pretty mild out there, 54-degrees here in the district. that's closer to where our high for the day should be. there are some places in the 40s, but by and large these temperatures probably won't
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overnight. we've seen some high temperatures, hat haas 59, new york city 6 #. we'll stay in the mid 50s tonight with fog, patchy drizzle, the rain around, though, for tomorrow morning's commute, isolated thunderstorms not out of the question and a warm breezy day with winds out of the south at 15 to 25 miles an hour occasionally gusting stronger than thatment we wrap it with your fox5 seven day forecast. bye-bye to 70, bye-bye to december comes in a dry and cooler note at 58-degrees. for the weekend not bad although there is a chance of showers thursday. i know i keep saying we need every drop, a few showers on sunday. chilly monday and tuesday and 49-degrees. that's your seven day forecast. now it's a time for a look at sports with jim lokay. mercer county turgeon came in
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terps came out swinging early on. justin one of two trades, the freshman. he had 13 points on the night. pretty much just the highlight when they were up 6 nothing early on because pit dominated for most of it. you saw a couple times, mark turgeon, his guys took a couple things during the way, saying a few things pit deals the terps their first loss 7 # to 59. meantime some redskins went back to school today, part of the team's fifth campaign. they took the kids through exercises to build trust, cooperation. it means a lot to be able to give back to these kids.
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these kids. whatever i do, i would like to say i'll be in the community helping these kids out. kids are our future. > a good day for everything on hand. the red skins. what's going on with the nfl, a change of heart for roger goo del. they can wear custom cleats. kirk internet, the anti human trafficking organization that cousins has done major work for, not bad on this giving tuesday. > we got to talk baseball. the winter meetings are next week. they're being held over at national harbor. anthony rendon honored as national come back player of the year. the award was built given to those guys who come back.
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back in 2015. he led in fielding and that will likely pay off when he heads to salary arbitration. we see the awards coming along. that's not what they go into the season hoping to win, but it's something. > good for him. i'm stunned that the winter meetings for major league baseball are here. > that's a big deal. >> is it usually in warmer climate? you want to see mike rizzo wearing a tommy bahamas shirt walking around the hotel. > that's true.
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> you're always supposed to look before you sit, especially in a restroom. you might want to turn away if you're freaked out by snakes. >> yep, an ate foot long poisonous cobra was spotted inside the toilet of an apartment. here's the good news. this is in south africa. >> owe, my.
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here's what's crazy. they called the snake catchers. that's the snake catcher you see there. somehow, though, the snake slipped back into the toilet and disappeared. they don't know where it is. i would never use that toilet again. > are they going to show him getting away. >> that's crazy. omg. > can you imagine. >> it's all right, jim. i would move to a different
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